5 best moments from Outlander Season 1, Episode 8

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Outlander Season 1, Episode 8 delivered a story in two timelines without involving Claire’s flashbacks. Here’s a look at my favorite moments as we get ready to move on with the rest of the first season to get through Droughtlander.

Before I get into my throwbacks of the second half of Outlander Season 1, I want to take a quick look back at Episode 8. Titled “Both Sides Now,” we got a look at both sides of the stones, the events that were happening within the same moments. There were some excellent moments throughout the episode.

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This episode aired the week after the iconic wedding episode. Claire and Jamie were settling into the new normal, while Frank continued to search for his wife. Six weeks. That’s all it had been and Frank was unwilling to believe that his wife had run off with another man.

Before when we’d seen flashes of the 1940s, they’d been flashbacks in Claire’s mind. This was the first time in the present timeline, focusing purely on Frank and his need to find Claire. And it’s not surprising that he takes up some of my five favorite moments in the episode.

Here’s a look at my favorite moments and just why they stand out in the episode.

5. Frank’s refusal to believe Claire is with another man

At the very start of Outlander Season 1, Episode 8, we see Frank sitting at a police station. He wants to know if there’s any news on Claire’s whereabouts, which is where we learn just how much time has passed exactly.

For six weeks, Frank has searched. He refuses to give up hope that Claire will return, sure that something has happened to her.

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Eventually, he learns what Mrs. Graham thinks but it’s clear that not all of him believes her. All he knows is that Claire was faithful and he’s sure that someone has abducted her. We know Claire never went by choice but later, she does remain by choice for another man.

The police were sort of right, but Frank was also right to believe that she never chose to leave him. I love that we get to see this side of him, something that we never had the chance to in the novels.