Happy birthday, David Berry: 5 Top Lord John Grey moments in Outlander so far

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David Berry has been part of Outlander since the third season and he’s had plenty of standout moments. To celebrate Berry’s birthday today, it’s time to look at the top 5 Lord John Grey moments so far.

Outlander wouldn’t be what it is without some of its side characters. While it may be Claire’s story about Jamie, the side characters have helped them develop as people. One of those characters is certainly Lord John Grey, played by the handsome, charismatic David Berry.

To celebrate Berry’s birthday today, Jan. 18, it’s time to look back at his performance. Becoming an integral part of the story from his first appearance in Outlander Season 3, Episode 3, he has continued to shine with each episode.

At first, his interactions were with Jamie. Now he’s had a chance to share screen time with Claire and Brianna, becoming important in their storylines and vice versa. Here are Lord John Grey’s five top moments in Outlander so far.

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5. Dressing down the Naval acting captain

In the Outlander Season 3 finale, we got a moment that isn’t in the books. As Jamie was arrested in the previous episode, Lord John Grey came to his aid. Their friendship is important and it shows at this moment.

We get to see Lord John Grey as the authoritative voice that he is. He calls out the Naval acting captain for arresting Jamie when not on the sea. On land, it’s up to Grey as the highest-ranking Army official in Jamaica.

Up to this point, we’d seen him as a confidant and a governor of a prisoner. We’d seen him in love with a man he couldn’t have, with those feelings still after a decade or so. Yet, at this moment, we saw him as a governor and an Army officer and it was perfect.

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