Outlander recap: Brianna and Roger head down the rabbit hole

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Laoghaire learns the truth

After getting through the stones, Brianna falls down and sprains her ankle. She continues on her journey to Ayr Harbour, but collapses just before reaching Laoghaire’s house — a place Brianna had seen in the distance and hoped would help her get to her destination.

At first, Laoghaire is nice and Joanie takes to Brianna. The three women look like the could be friends. However, Laoghaire eventually learns that Brianna is Claire and Jamie’s daughter. It naturally makes Laoghaire angry and after some shouting, Laoghaire locks Brianna into her room and heads off for the authorities. She’ll claim Brianna is a witch.

Fortunately, Joanie doesn’t quite believe the truth and gets Brianna out. After taking her to Lallybroch, Brianna gets to meet Ian Murray.

This is where we get a mention of Jenny. Many fans will remember that Laura Donnelly couldn’t be in Outlander Season 4, so Jenny was written as being away helping with the delivery of her grandchild. It’s a sweet reason for Jenny to be away and allows Ian to just quickly give Brianna some money (and a trunk of Claire’s clothes) and then get her to a harbor. He also hints that she needs to ask about Jocasta and would like Young Ian to write more.

While at the harbor to secure passage to the Colonies, she runs into Mr. Weymss, who has a request. He wants Brianna to buy his daughter as an indentured servant to avoid her being sold off as a concubine. After hearing the full story, Brianna very quickly decides to take Lizzie on the journey with her and secures passage for two.

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Flashbacks of the past

Throughout the episode, Brianna thought back to the last days with her father. We hear arguments that had happened in the past and got to see Brianna talk to Frank about his research. He’d found the obituary of Jamie and Claire, so clearly knew that Claire would go back through the stones at some point.

Of course, Brianna paid little attention to the actual obituary and just tried to be there for Frank. When that night ended with an argument, she woke him the next morning with a good old-fashioned cream tea. That would solve anything.

It’s a good time to bond, including a hint of considering a move to England. Of course, later we see Frank’s last night. He tells Brianna that he and Claire are getting a divorce and he’s planning to take a job at Cambridge. He wants Brianna to come with her.

Angry about the divorce, she leaves him without saying goodbye. Finally, we get that flash of her at the cemetery, talking to his newly laid grave. She wonders whether she could have prevented the accident had she been in the car with him or agreed to go to England.

What is clear is that Frank is still important to her. Throughout her time with Laoghaire and Joanie, she talks about how much Frank meant to her and has continued to keep his name. When it comes to heading to the Colonies, Frank’s ghost is at the harbor, watching with pride as she soldiers on and goes to save Jamie and Claire.

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