In this week in Outlander history: Creme de Menthe & a trip through the stones

This week in Outlander history is a special one. In the books and show, it involved another trip through the stones, and the episode Creme de Menthe aired.

It’s been a while since I’ve done an Outlander history piece. This week is a special one, as it involves All Hallows Eve (or Halloween, Samhain, any other name you know this day as). Not only did Outlander Season 3, Episode 7 air for the first time, but we got trips through the stones and a ghostly visitor.

Let’s take a look at the events from this week. What stands out, what could have been, and what will come in the future?

Creme de Menthe

Yes, this week saw the debut of arguably the worst episode of Outlander Season 3. I don’t dislike it for the same reason as many others. When Claire fought to save the exciseman, I understood it. After a decade of being one of the greatest surgeons the 20th century had to offer, she found herself in a time when she could save a man she didn’t intentionally mean to kill.

Personally, I just found the episode quite boring. It was like a filler episode before getting into the drama and the fun of seeing Laoghaire turn back up and starting the journey to the Carribean.

The episode aired for the first time on Oct. 29. On that day this year, we were getting ready for our last week of Droughtlander.

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The step through the stones

Meanwhile, Nov. 1 is a special day in the world of Outlander for two reasons. In the novels, it’s the day that Claire Randall Fraser heads through the stones in 1968 and returns to her 18th-century husband. After two decades apart, she goes on her journey to mend her broken heart.

This wasn’t the case in the show. The second time Claire went to the past was at Christmas, but in the books she did it after Halloween.

However, in the show, Nov. 1 was a day for Claire to travel. That was the day she went through the very first time, finding herself stuck in a time she didn’t intentionally go to.

In both cases, Claire went back to find Jamie in need of her help. Both times, Jamie would have likely died had it not been for Claire being there. It’s a special week in Outlander history indeed.

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The ghost of Halloween

And that’s not all. I’ve saved the best one until last. Samhain is the night that spirits can cross the threshold and one of them did. Jamie Fraser stood looking up at Claire through the window, only leaving when Frank saw him.

We don’t get to see this whole thing play out in the books. Since the novel is written from Claire’s point of view, we only get to read the tale Frank told. In the show, it’s very different. We physically see Jamie standing there.

How was Jamie’s ghost there? It’s something we’re still to find out, but we certainly will by the end of the 10th (and final) book.

What are you doing to enjoy this week in Outlander history? Did you forget about all the events that happened in this week in the past? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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