5 best moments from Outlander Season 1, Episode 5

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Outlander Season 1, Episode 5
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4. Claire connecting with the women

During the episode, we got to see more of Scotland and the villages. As the men dealt with the rent, Claire decided to explore and she came across the women. We learned more about how the women make the dye set quickly and had a chance to see the comradery between them.

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This was also a chance to see the differences between the two time periods. Claire came out with plenty of 1940s slang and sayings, such as “bottom’s up.” There’s no way that the women would understand that. Rather than just smiling politely, they eyed her with uncertainty and confusion. It was just right and helped to add humor to the episode.

At the same time, we saw that Claire was interested in the time and the people. She didn’t just talk to be polite, but because she wanted to learn.

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3. Claire’s changing attitudes

While she was polite and friendly to the women, her character would completely change around others. She was hostile towards Dougal and the other men most of the time. It was like she was almost looking for a fight.

This helped to add more realism. When she was around someone she had respect for–and seemingly had respect for her–she was polite and calm. We just have to look at the way she acted around Ned Gowan. Sure, that relationship turned cold eventually but at first, she was kind and they had a budding friendship. Yet, she remained cold towards everyone else.

It helped remind us that Claire was in a position she hated. All she wanted was to get back to the stones to get back home.