Reassessing the Outlander Season 3 ranking

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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /
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Outlander Season 3
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Moving around the rest of the ranking

Of the episodes that need to move, there’s not too many. “Uncharted” and “Eye of the Storm” I want to move to be ranked lower than “Surrender.” While I still wish that there was more focus on Claire and Jamie’s time apart, there’s the book for that. I can read all about it and I haven’t lost anything.

“Uncharted” still didn’t feel that amazing to me. I loved that we saw Claire as a survivalist, but there were a lot of other bits that irked me about the whole episode. I would have loved to have seen what actually happened to the Artemis!

As for the “Eye of the Storm,” the build-up to dealing with Geillis and saving Young Ian was enough to save it at first. Now, the whole ending just confuses and irritates me every time I watch it.

I also want to switch “Freedom and Whisky” and “The Bakra” around. I’m growing fonder of Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin the more I watch the third season. I want to learn more about Brianna and Roger and can’t wait to see them in Outlander Season 4. They gave a lot to “Freedom and Whisky” and “Bakra” drew me in for Geillis storyline and bringing the realities of history to life. But honestly, a lot of the episode isn’t that memorable until I come to rewatching it.

So, the new ranking is:

  • Episode 7: Creme de Menthe
  • Episode 9: The Doldrums
  • Episode 8: First Wife
  • Episode 11: Uncharted
  • Episode 13: Eye of the Storm
  • Episode 2: Surrender
  • Episode 3: All Debts Paid
  • Episode 12: The Bakra
  • Episode 5: Freedom and Whisky
  • Episode 10: Heaven and Earth
  • Episode 6: A. Malcolm
  • Episode 4: Of Lost Things
  • Episode 1: The Battle Joined

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What’s your ranking for Outlander Season 3? If you can’t give a full ranking, what about your top three and least favorite three episodes? Share in the comments below.

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