Claire will be more nurturing than ever before in Outlander Season 4

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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

In a recent interview, Caitriona Balfe shared some of the things to come for Claire in Outlander Season 4. We can expect to see a very different side to her character.

For the most part, the Outlander storyline has stuck to the novels. It won’t be surprising then for the book readers to learn that we’ll finally get to see a different side to Claire–the nurturing mother and wife. That’s something Caitriona Balfe shared would come in Outlander Season 4, as she finds a home and the meaning and value of home.

The idea of finding “home” isn’t surprising to any of us. Outlander showrunner Matt B. Roberts shared that the theme this season would be home. For a long time, neither Claire or Jamie have really had a home. Now they are in the Colonies and away from the Jacobite rebellion and Jamie being wanted for murder and sedition, we’ll finally get a chance to see them settle down.

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Of course, Outlander Season 4 will also bring Brianna to the 18th century. Without spoilers on how or why she comes to the 1760s, Claire and Jamie will find themselves with a 20-year-old daughter who needs their help and advice. Claire has the chance to become more of a nurturing character, which is something fans of the books have complained about a lack of seeing in the series.

Balfe shared in the interview with Goldderby that Claire’s character has surprised her in Outlander Season 4. This is in a good way, as it means Balfe always has something to look forward to. Throughout the first three seasons, we watched Claire fall deeply in love and displaced in time. We watched as she became a surgeon and struggled to find a balance in life and really move on from the love of her life. Then when she did return to the past, she struggled to move past her 20th century way of life.

Now that Jamie and Claire are together, it’s going to be time to rebuild a life. With Brianna in her time and the trouble that brings, there will be more chance for her to open her heart and show the kind, loving, nurturing side.

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