Outlander Season 4 on finale readthrough: What happens next?

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Sophie Skelton confirmed that its the readthrough of the Outlander Season 4 finale. What does that mean for the next few months?

Outlander Season 4 filming is onto the readthrough for the finale, Sophie Skelton shared in a tweet. This is an exciting time, as it means the production is coming extremely close to the end. It also means the production is still on track, as with convention appearances in July set (and actors filming other projects) the filming had to wrap this month.

But haven’t they already been filming the finale? It certainly seemed that way based on Sam Heughan’s interview on This Morning last month. Filming is never done in order, so it’s highly possible that some of his finale scenes have already been filmed. This is about Skelton and a few other cast members for a different scene.

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Now what does it mean for the series? Just what is to happen from now until November, when the fourth season will premiere?

There’s going to be work on the visual effects, for certain, over the next few months. The deleted scenes from Outlander Season 3 showed us some of the work that needed to be done to create the masterpiece that we end with. This gives us an idea of the time and money spent on creating the series. There’s surely going to be more visual effects needed in the fourth season, as they turn Scotland into North Carolina.

This will also be the time to add the music. Bear McCreary will be needed to create the beautiful masterpieces that he’s done before, capturing the heart of Scotland and the Colonies through the Outlander theme tune and the various scenes in the series.

As for the cast, there will be a lot of work on promoting the series. Starz will need to put together a promo trailer for the series and possibly grab another teaser. Hopefully, there will be another teaser released before New York Comic Con and then NYCC 2018 can focus on the first look of the promo for Outlander Season 4.

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