Natalie Simpson drops first picture taken from Outlander Season 4 set

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Natalie Simpson was one of five announced as new faces to Outlander Season 4. Now the cat is out of the bag, she can share photos taken from the set.

Outlander Season 4 has got a lot of new faces. One of those is Natalie Simpson, who will take on the role of Phaedre in the series. The talented star has now posted her first shot with her and a fellow new cast member, showing off the clothing they’ll wear in the series.

The photo is with Caitlin O’Ryan, who was also recently confirmed as Lizzie Weymss in Outlander Season 4. It’s clear the two get on extremely well behind the scenes and they will likely have some scenes together, depending on how close the series follows the books. In her Instagram post, Simpson shared that O’Ryan is her “shiny new pal” and used the hashtag #PhaedreLovesLizzie.

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One notable thing element from the photo is that they’re both in their 18th-century clothing. The clothing isn’t that clear due to the shot of the photo (and the fact that it’s a selfie), but it is possible to make out how close to expectations the two are. This is just another credit to Terry Dresbach, who has created the clothing for the series.

Outlander fans have instantly taken to the Instagram post to comment their welcome to the two actresses and to share their excitement for the future. It’s not clear just how much the two will be in the series, also Simpson is set for four episodes, according to her IMDb profile. O’Ryan doesn’t currently have an IMDb profile, so it’s hard to tell the number of episodes she will be in.

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