All the Outlander events that happen on May 1 [Spoilers]

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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

May 1 is an important date in the Outlander universe. Here’s a look at all the events that have happened in the books so far.

Of all the dates of the year, May 1 is one of the most important ones in the world of “Outlander.” The show hasn’t stuck to specific dates being more special than others for time traveling. However, the books continue to make time travel most possible on very specific days of the year. It’s not just the time traveling that happens on this day, either.

Here’s a look at all the special events that happen on May 1 in the “Outlander” book series. As you would expect, there are spoilers for those who haven’t read ahead.

1721: It’s Jamie’s birthday

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Arguably, the most important event is Jamie Fraser’s day of birth. That took place on May 1, 1721. It’s not mentioned in the show–at least I can’t remember it being mentioned–but it does come up in the books.

I find it positively strange that Sam Heughan was cast as Jamie and they almost share a birthday! Heughan’s birthday is April 30 (different year, of course…well, that’s what he tells us…)

1733/1968: Gillian Edgars/Geillis Duncan travels through the stones

We’ve watched this happen on the screens, although never found out which date she appeared in the past. Well, it turns out it may have been 1733 and that date certainly makes sense. On May 1, 1968, Gilliam Edgars finally made the sacrifice at the stones and traveled to a time that she could influence the Jacobite war. At least, that was something she wanted.

Little did Gillian, who changed her name to Geillis, know was that she’d be tried as a witch, sentenced to death, escape to Jamaica, and then die in a cave at the hands of Claire.

1769/1971: Brianna travels through the stones

This date is another important one for the Fraser family. It’s the date that they were on their way to being reunited as a family in the past. Brianna found a newspaper clipping of a fire at the Fraser home in the Colonies, so opts to take a trip through the stones to prevent her parents from dying.

It’s a fateful decision. She has to start in Scotland, as she doesn’t know about other locations. That means a trip to Lallybroch first. This is something we’ll get to see play out in Outlander Season 4.

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There are likely many more moments to come on May 1. Are you looking forward to Brianna’s journey through the stones playing out? Would you like the show to focus on Jamie’s birthday? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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