Diana Gabaldon shares her favorite Outlander episode and it may surprise you

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Diana Gabaldon is not quiet in sharing her views on Outlander episodes, so it may be surprising to some that Season 3 has her favorite episode so far. That is until you realize the episode it is.

Outlander Season 3 wasn’t everyone’s favorite season of the series. There were a number of changes from the books that annoyed those faithful to Diana Gabaldon’s story. In fact, there were elements that Gabaldon even shared her thoughts about. Yet, it’s the season with her favorite episode of the series so far.

When asked about her favorite episode of the show, she shared that Outlander Season 3, Episode 4 took that spot. This was the episode that pulled a lot of material from the books and captured the original story. It’s also the episode that had multiple fans in tears by the end, because that ending is so heartbreakingly raw with emotion.

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A reminder of Outlander Season 3, Episode 4

For those who work by episode titles, it’s “Of Lost Things,” which sees Jamie father a son illegitimately. There’s no way that the Dunsany family can learn of this, so he eventually has to make the difficult decision to leave Helwater behind. He does put young Willie’s care into the hands of Lord John Grey, who has become a friend and confidant for him.

There’s a shock moment where Jamie offers his body in return for what he asks of Grey, who is surprised and slightly annoyed. Of course, it seems more of a test for Jamie, who realizes that Grey is the loyal, trustworthy friend he has grown to know over the years. Despite Grey’s attraction to Jamie, Grey instantly turns the audacious offer down and makes it clear that he will definitely look after Willie and raise him as his own.

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Honestly, this is one of my favorites too. I ranked it as my second favorite of Outlander Season 3 for various reasons.

The Wedding is also special

Diana Gabaldon goes on to share that there are some episodes in the very first season that are special to her. “The Wedding” is mentioned, which is a favorite of many of the fans. Not only do fans get to see Claire and Jamie’s wedding, but also Claire and Frank getting married–well, sort of. Claire thinks back to her wedding to Frank before the war, with the guilt of marrying another man.

You can hear all of Gabaldon’s thoughts on her favorite Outlander episodes below.

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