See Gary Lewis at the Scottish Highland Gathering and Games over Labor Day

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Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images /

If you still need to see Gary Lewis in the flesh, don’t miss out on Labor Day’s Scottish Highland Gathering and Games this year.

While Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are the stars of Outlander, there’s a lot to say about the supporting cast. In the first two seasons and two books of the series, Colum MacKenzie played a pivotal role. He set his spies on Claire, arranged a deal with Simon Lovat to go against the Jacobite uprising, and led a clan despite his health issues.

Gary Lewis brought the character to life and now you have a chance to see him in the flesh. If you don’t have anything to do Labor Day weekend, you do now. He will be at the 153rd Scottish Highland Gathering and Games.

More than just an Outlander convention

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The Scottish Highland Gathering and Games is more than just an Outlander convention. It’s a celebration of all things Scottish. There’s traditional cuisine, elements of the culture, and entertainment for all ages. Attendees are encouraged to dress up in their own clan tartans, attend as their favorite Scottish characters, and more. You’ll even get the chance to speak to others within the same clan and get to know more about your own history.

It’s literally a gathering, just without the clan oath swearing. That is unless you want to swear to Clan MacKenzie since Lewis will be attending.

Lewis will be around for both days of the event. There will even be autograph sessions for the two days, which will offer the perfect chance to ask him any questions you have about Colum MacKenzie and taking on the iconic role.

The Highland Gathering and Games will be held at Pleasanton, CA on Sept 1-2, 2018.

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Are you excited about the Highland Gathering and Games? Will you book tickets and hotels just because of Gary Lewis? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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