Outlander fan spots heartwarming connection many others miss

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An Outlander fan has taken to Twitter after spotting a special connection on the show that most others didn’t catch, and it’s bound to give you the feels.

This is so sad, but at the same time, so moving!

Rewinding back a little bit on Outlander, one of the show’s saddest moments comes early on in Season 1. That’s when (SPOILER ALERT!) Jamie Fraser’s father Brian’s terrible passing comes to light. Though Brian died years before Jamie met Claire, when Jamie recalls the events that had happened, it really tugs at the heartstrings of every Outlander fan.

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After witnessing the mutilation his son Jamie has to endure, Brian collapsed in shock. After returning to Lallybroch, Brian would sadly pass away. In those final moments, the last words Brian uttered to his son were, “You’re a braw lad, son.” It’s a tender moment, despite Brian’s screentime on the show being very limited.

Rewatching through the series, Outlander fan and Twitter user Poutlander2018 realized an interesting connection. Upon seeing Brian’s death scene, it became apparent that his last words were a little too familiar. And why? Because those exact words are repeated by Jamie to his own son William when he was first born. In other words, Jamie used the last words of his father to welcome his own son into the world.

I never knew about this connection, and, apparently, most fans seem to have not realized it either. Perhaps going back through the series while we wait for Season 4 isn’t a bad idea, because we can see what other kinds of Easter eggs and foreshadowing there might be.

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Outlander is currently in the midst of filming Season 4, and the series is set to return to Starz later this year. What did you think about this cool connection between Jamie’s father and his son? Let us hear about it in the comments below.