6 best Outlander season 3 finale lines

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Droughtlander is hell but it can be made easier looking back at best moments and lines of the series.

The Outlander season 3 finale may have happened earlier this month, but it’s still a popular topic. There were some awesome lines, whether for moving the plot forward or just being beautiful for the characters. Here’s a look at the top six lines from the episode.

Forgive me…Captain Leonard.

To get Jamie out of Captain Leonard’s clutches, Fergus turns to Lord John. Of course, the Governor of Jamaica is going to do everything he can and that leads to the dressing down of Lieutenant Leonard.

“Forgive me, Captain Leonard,” as Lord John corrects himself.

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What continues is a reminder that Leonard’s authority ended at the water’s edge. Jamie can’t be arrested, especially as Lord John doesn’t see a warrant or affidavit. Lord John becomes the ultimate hero of the episode.

Goodbye, Jamie. And good luck.

In the same scene, there’s a beautiful line between friends. Jamie says his thanks and goodbyes to the man raising his son. Lord John has a longing look, but it’s a simple goodbye. It’s clear that John wishes he could do more, but he has a position to carry out and duties of his own. However, he wants Jamie to go with best wishes and a reminder that he’s welcome back.

25 years ago, you dropped out of the sky into my life…and now, again, you appear on my doorstep. Strange how fate keeps bringing us together.

While Jamie is with Lord John, Claire has gone to Rose Hall to find out if Young Ian is there. It’s up to her now. However, she is caught and taken to Geillis. There, Geillis tries to figure out Claire’s real reason to be there. She’s just as shocked at Claire turning up as Claire is shocked at seeing Geillis. It seems like fate has a plan for the two of them.

The line isn’t just important for the story, but a link back to Jamie in the previous episode. He suggests that fate brings people back into their lives and Claire is partially the reason for that.

Ye ken that… if anything should happen to me, you must still follow her. You must go. We lost Faith. We will not lose Brianna.

Jamie and Claire manage to get to the Abandawe Cave. Claire is busy reminding him that she may not be able to come back to the past if she’s sucked through the portal. However, Jamie is too focused on his children. Even if he never knows, he cannot risk the loss of Brianna; not after losing Faith. It’s a beautiful moment where just their two children are remembered.


I knew ye’d come, Uncle Jamie. But ye left it a bit late, aye?

Bless, Young Ian. He had all this hope and faith in his uncle but as it got closer to the end of his life, he feared the worst. Rather than be annoyed or show his fear, he masks it all with sarcasm. It’s a Fraser/Murray way of handling things, but clearly Jamie has rubbed off on him.

I dinna care if he wants to or not. I’ll deliver him to Lallybroch if I must stuff him into a hogshead.

With the adventure over, it’s time to return to Scotland. Jamie and Claire don’t discuss their own plans. They talk about the plan for Ian instead. Jamie wants to get him back home, clearly realizing that everything Jenny and Ian had said before is true. Lallybroch is the safest place for Young Ian.

Of course, Claire turns the tables. What if he doesn’t want to go back? Jamie has the perfect answer.

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What were your favorite lines from the night? Were they the funny ones or the ones that pushed the plot forward? Share in the comments below.

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