5 best Claire moments in the Outlander season 3 finale

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Droughtlander is the perfect time to look back and remind ourselves of top Outlander moments.

Claire had some excellent moments throughout the Outlander season 3 finale. She was strong, thoughtful, passionate, and brave all at the same time. The character portrayed every emotion, whether it was fear, longing, excitement, and awe. Some of the best moments of the episode overall have involved Claire.

Here’s a look back at the episode to pick out the best Claire moments throughout.

#1. The attempts to convince Geillis of the truth

Claire decided to go to Rose Hall alone. With Jamie a prisoner of the Redcoats, it was up to her to get Young Ian back. When she found the bodies of two young boys, Claire was grabbed and taken to Geillis. There she and Geillis were able to discuss the travelling through the stones.

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It was in this moment that Claire had one of her best moments. She realized that Geillis didn’t believe that Claire had travelled back and forth a couple of times; leaving just before Culloden. In her desperation, Claire showed photos of Brianna from the 1950s and 1960s. For some this would feel out of character, but it was the desperation of a woman looking for her nephew. It was the desperation of a woman trying to save her family.

#2. In awe at the voodoo ritual

While there are some who think the voodoo ritual was distasteful, it was an important element to Claire’s story. It was also an important element to the stones and time travelling. Claire was reminded of the past; of watching the beautiful pagan dance around the stones in the pilot episode.

What was more beautiful was the similarities in the way Claire watched and who she watched with. The first time she watched with the husband she loved from the 1940s through the bushes. This time she watched with her 18th century husband and soul make through the bushes.

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#3. Fighting to protect her daughter

While Claire left Brianna behind in the past, she hasn’t forgotten her daughter. The minute Claire realized Geillis was going to kill Brianna, she headed straight for the caves. She didn’t care what would happen to her. That motherly instinct came out in full force.

At no point was Claire going to allow Geillis to jump back through the portal in the lake. And if Geillis did, there was a strong chance that she was going to jump through that portal, too. She would do anything it took to save her daughter.

#4. Being pulled towards the lake

After Geillis’ death, the portal to travel through time was open. There have been plenty of theories about how the time travelling works, and Claire has her own. She believes there’s someone on the other side pulling you towards them. In this case, it was likely Brianna in the 1960s calling out to Claire to jump through.

Claire was mesmerized by the portal. She had absolutely no control over herself, reminding us that there is still someone in the future calling out to her. In the first season it was Frank. In this season it’s Brianna.

#5. Asking about the Artemis

After the storm, Claire and Jamie wake up on the beach in Georgia. Before they find out their location, the two discuss the events that just happened. Claire asks about the Artemis and the people aboard. All Jamie can do is shake his head. No words need to be said, as they mourn what they believe is the loss of their family.

It’s been hard for Claire to feel connected to people. She had the bond to Jamie almost instantly, but she struggled to connect to Jenny and then later Marsali. Fergus and Young Ian looked up to her, but there haven’t been many scenes between them. This was the reminder that Fergus, Marsali and Young Ian are her family and she will miss them.

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What were your favorite Claire moments in the season finale? Share in the comments below.

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