7 best Jamie moments in Outlander season 3, episode 12

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Jamie ran into a ghost and ended the episode in chains. What were his best moments in the episode?

Outlander continues to keep Claire and Jamie apart. The moment at the end with Jamie being arrested was certainly not one of his best moments. However there are others that will overshadow that plot device. Here’s a look at the moments that reminded us why we love Jamie so much in the show.

#1. Waiting in line with Claire

Like Claire’s best moments, Jamie waiting in line with his wife was certainly a powerful moment. Very few words needed to be said, although he gave her plenty of complements. The two have spent too long apart and haven’t had it easy the last few episodes. This was their chance to reminisce, feeling like they could relax a little.

It was just a cute moment for the pair, as we waited for what we knew was coming: the ghost from his past.

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#2. Finding out about the end to slavery

Jamie has always been a kind and caring soul. While he’s made mistakes, many of his actions have been to protect those he cares about. He’s never had the same opinions as his elders or his peers. That was something we were reminded of in Outlander season 3, episode 12.

Complementing and making love eyes with Claire wasn’t the only thing that passed the time in the line. Jamie sensed Claire’s discomfort at the slaves around the room. Memories of the slave market were still on her brain. Rather than try to explain for his peers, he questions about the ending to slavery. It’s clear that he doesn’t agree with it either.

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#3. Protecting Claire from harm

At the slave market, Claire’s emotions get the better of her. Attacking the auctioneer was one of the worst things she could have done. It wasn’t just dangerous for the slave on the auction stand, but she could have been arrested or at least restrained for it. Luckily Jamie comes in to save the day.

At no point does he chastise Claire for her actions. He’s learned not to do that, anyway, but it also showed that he respected her and understood the reason for her outburst. All Jamie wanted to do was protect her from whatever harm could fall on her.

#4. Asking about Willie

Jamie is understandably shocked that Lord John is the Governor of Jamaica. It’s something he never considered. After all, it’s a big world out there! However, when he gets into the private quarters with Lord John and Claire, one of the first things he wants to know is how Willie is.

It may be a stab against those who have wanted Jamie to know all about Brianna, but it’s a realistic reaction. One of the first things Jamie did ask Claire when he saw her was about Brianna and her life. Now he’s come face to face with the only person who can tell him about Willie. He wants to know about his upbringing, his health, and his current location. Remember Willie was the boy he’d spent time with as a baby and child. There was more of a physical connection to Willie, so of course he was going to find out about him. It’s one of the reasons I’m so glad that the show changed the book storyline with Jamie telling Claire all about Willie. It helped to have this open conversation.

#5. The catch-up with Lord John

It didn’t last long, but there was a point in the ball that Lord John and Jamie sat at a table drinking together. They were clearly catching up about the past. It was a perfect moment to show just how much this friendship meant to each other.

They were clearly interested in each other’s activities over the years. Now I just want to know how much Jamie told Lord John of the last decade or so.

#6. Handing Claire the portraits before his arrest

While being arrested is not my favorite moment in the episode, there was an element that made me smile. Knowing everything would be taken from him upon arrest, Jamie quickly hands the portrait of Willie and the photos of Brianna to Claire. He can’t risk the English getting the hands on anything.

The arrest was inevitable for Jamie at this point. He knew that, but it showed how he thought in difficult situations. The pictures would have definitely brought up questions and likely accusations of witchcraft against Claire.

#7. Correcting John about the “friend”

When Geillis brings up the sapphire, Lord John explains that it was from a friend. Jamie quickly jumps in to say that it was from a prisoner. While it’s something to help Geillis realize that it’s the sapphire she needs, the quick correction was more for Claire’s sake.

Jamie didn’t want to get into awkward conversations with Claire about Lord John. He didn’t want to have to explain how Lord John had feelings for Jamie or the strange friendship the two do share. Correcting Lord John was suspicious but it came from a defensive part of Jamie’s personality.

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Do you agree with these moments? What were your favorites from the episode? Share in the comments below.

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