7 best lines from Outlander Season 3, Episode 10

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Heaven & Earth was full of beautiful moments, but what were the best lines of the night?

Each Outlander Season 3 episode has had some poignant, sad, and sometimes hilarious lines. “Heaven & Earth” has been no different. Whether it was Annekja with her goats, Jamie in a cage, or Claire bearing down on boys with more authority than her, there were some standout performances throughout the episode.

Here’s a look at the best lines from the night. There’s a mixture of all the feelings gained while watching.

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Because if ye did, ye’d move heaven and Earth; ye’d risk arrest and death and hell, as easily as ye would the prick of a pin.

Jamie needs to get out of his cage and wants Fergus to help him. However, Fergus refuses. While he loves Milady, he doesn’t think mutiny is the right thing to do. Jamie argues back that Fergus can’t truly love if he’s not willing to do everything in his power to get Jamie out. Yet, Fergus later proves that he does know love and he’s not willing to risk death, because that would put too many others at risk.

‘Tis always done by a friend

This line doesn’t mean a lot out of context, but it’s a poignant line in the episode and foreshadowed a certain death. When one of Elias Pound’s friends dies from typhoid, he explains that the last thread is always completed by a friend. It has to go through the nose to make sure the person is definitely dead. There’s a view of honor in it, almost like a last goodbye. Claire is given that honor in the end, as she’s the closest to a friend for young Mr. Pound.

My goats need grass, so…

Who else looked at Annekja completely confused at first? It was clear Annekja knew that it meant something important, but Claire couldn’t understand it until they made land. The goats would need grass, which meant there was a chance to escape. But it wasn’t just the amusement line in Outlander that made this one of the best. It was the delivery and situation.

Annekja was extremely happy to be able to help Claire. After all, Claire had saved her husband. Annekja wanted nothing more and was willing to risk her own safety by helping Claire escape the Porpoise. Can these two meet up again in the future?

How many men would you like me to save?

Elias has a way to get pure alcohol. The problem is it means casks of grog are needed and the men aren’t going to be happy about it. Of course, the purser does agree to work with Claire, since the captain’s orders have been to make sure Claire gets everything she needs. When the purser asks how many casks of grog Claire will need, she fires back with a rhetorical question that implies she needs as many as possible.

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The grog is for cleaning, not drinking! Is that so difficult to understand?

Poor Claire has her work cut out for her in the episode. She’s working with people who have no idea how dangerous the disease is and how the disease is spread. On top of that, grog is part of the men’s rations and they don’t want to see good stuff go to waste. Yes, it really is so difficult for them to understand that the grog is needed for cleaning and not drinking!

Yes, Elias. It’s mother. It’s time to come home now.

At the very end, Outlander fans said a teary goodbye to the 14-year-old cutie. Elias Pound in a delirious state believed Claire was his mother. Rather than try to keep him alive, she gave him the one thing he needed on his death bed and pretended to be his mother. Elias died in her arms believing that he was with the mother who was already in the afterlife.

You are a very impressive young man.

Finally, it’s Claire’s praise of Elias. He had such the cutest grin when she told him how impressed she was, making it very clear that he didn’t often hear it. It also reminded us that he was just a kid, thrust into a position of power and authority. He had to be a man in ways that Claire would never have wanted him to be. This was also Claire’s motherly side coming out, which was important throughout the episode.

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Do you agree with these lines? Which were your favorites from the episode? Share in the comments below.

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