Top 7 Murtagh Moments!

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If  Murtagh isn’t your second favorite character (or at least in your top 3- Claire, Jamie, Murtagh…), you should probably re-evaluate your Outlandish priorities. And we’ll help you out- we have the Top 10 Murtagh Moments to give you all the feels.

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Book readers know Murtagh well. He’s Jamie’s trusty side-kick, God father, and overall bad ass. He’s sometimes scary, sometimes heartbreakingly sweet, and does anything and everything to protect those he cares about. Everyone should have a Murtagh in their life. But what makes him so great? Why should he be one of your favorites? Sit back and relax. We got a few reasons for you.

Outlander- Starz

The moment you realize Murtagh WILL find you.

When Claire and Jenny head out to search for Jamie, after he’s taken by the Redcoats, Murtagh is able to track them fairly easily. He finds them as they are rendezvous-ing with the Redcoats who, unfortunately, no longer have Jamie. Claire and Jenny HAVE, however, kidnapped a Redcoat and are trying to get some information out of him.

The moral of the story here is that Murtagh is a hunter, a tracker, and he’s fiercely loyal to his own. Not only did he desperately need to find the women, he needs to, and wants to, find Jamie. He knows their chances of finding him are increased a hundred fold with him on the trail, so he sets off to do so. Finding the ladies is easy as pie for him, and he tells them as much. Although the situation is tense, it’s also hilarious. Just, you know, don’t piss him off.

… He’ll find you.

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