‘Outlander’ Season 2 casting news on Brianna Fraser


With Season two of “Outlander” in production fans are getting antsy with no news of the casting of Brianna Fraser or Roger Mackenzie. We finally have some news to share, but it might not be what you want to hear.

Last week the internet was buzzing with the news that “Outlander’s” Brianna Fraser had finally been cast. Rumors swirled that Irish model/dancer Maeve Foley was given the role of the daughter of Claire and Jamie Fraser, Brianna Fraser.

As expected, the unofficial announcement was well received by fans who were eager to send congratulatory messages via social media to Maeve Foley. While many media outlets and websites jumped on the news and posted it as a fact, although, “Outlander” producers did not release the casting report. Eventually, “Outlander” producer, Maril Davis did make the announcement that Maeve Foley did not get cast as fan favorite Brianna Fraser.

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I can see how many people were duped into believing Maeve Foley was cast as Brianna. She has many of the facial similarities of Caitriona Balfe (Claire) and Sam Heughan (Jamie). She does not have any acting credits to her resume, but that did not dissuade producers from casting Balfe for the lead role of Claire.

Most expect the role of Brianna would be given to an up and coming actress, but the lack of announcement or confirmation from show producers should have been an indicator the news either premature or downright erroneous. We decided to wait until show producers verified the casting news. Many are putting the blame of the rush to announce the casting of news on Droughtlander. The lack of news for Brianna and Roger is worrisome for season two, but we have to understand that reporting inaccurate information should not happen.

Production of “Outlander” Season two winding down, we might need to accept the reality that Brianna and Roger could be cut out of this season.

Would you have been happy with the casting of Maeve Foley as Brianna Fraser?

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