‘Outlander’ Season 2: 10 Most Anticipated (Potential) Scenes!


Still no premiere date for Outlander Season 2, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream. If you leave a bunch of Outlander fans alone in a dark room (that’s a metaphor) for an extended period of time, do you know what you get? Outrageous and hilarious fan theories, lots of gifs and memes, and plenty of TOP lists.

Here’s another.

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We obviously don’t know exactly what parts of Book 2, Dragonfly in Amber, are going to make it into Outlander Season 2, but we can hope and dream. And why not? We have plenty of time to wait and dream and hope and wonder. There are rumors running around the internet that Season 2 won’t premiere until Spring 2016, and will potentially coincide with the anniversary of the Battle of Culloden.

On top of that, two of the key players in Dragonfly in Amber (and the Outlander canon going foward), Brianna and Roger, have still not been cast last I checked (five minutes ago).

So. What else can I do to ease my nervous Droughtlander-ing heart than by dreaming up all the awesome scenes that could potentially make it into Season 2 from Dragonfly in Amber? Let’s do it. Get ready.

10. Enter stage right: Wee Fergus!

Of course, Fergus starts out as Claude,the French boy-child living in brothel. Jamie finds the little pick-pocket and hires him/ takes him in as an adopted son when Claire and Jamie are in France. I won’t give up much more, we already know that Fergus will play a key role in Season 2, as he’s already been cast.

9. Claire miscarries.

Ugh, spoiler: That baby Claire is carrying at the end of Season 1? She miscarries the child, named Faith. The circumstances surrounding that horrendous event will have to stay secret (unless you’ve read the book) so I don’t spoil too much, but the event rocks both Claire and Jamie and could ruin them…

8. Jamie vs. Black Jack

There is a duel, because of course there is. And Black Jack JUST WON’T GO AWAY. Spoiler: Jamie doesn’t die.

7. Master Raymond’s healing powers.

After Claire’s miscarriage, there are some… complications. And the wonder, too, haunts Claire. Can she carry another child? She’s had trouble conceiving already. Could this further the trouble? Is she and Jamie going to remain childless forever? Not if Master Raymond can help it. He has a strange healing power…

6. Geillis isn’t quite dead.

In fact, Dougal helped her escape burning at the stake.

5. Any and all sex scenes.

Diana Gabaldon can write a helluva sex scene. If just one makes it into season 2 (HAHAHA! Just one? HAHAHA!) I’ll be happy. The more the better, though.

4. Claire finds Jamie’s headstone.

When Claire is back in Scotland, visiting with Brianna, she goes to visit what she believes in Jamie’s headstone and last resting place. What she doesn’t know is that Frank faked the stone so that Claire would forget about Jamie (Even though Frank didn’t believe Claire had traveled back in time, or, at the very least resented her wholeheartedly for it.)

3. Claire’s nursing skills.

During their time in France, to keep busy and relieve some stress while also keeping up with her medical practice, Claire volunteers at the L’Hopital Des Agnes and treats all sorts of patients and problems, including some maladies that will not be “discovered” and named for years to come. Claire also creates a special bond with the nun and nurse who runs the hospital, Mother Hildegard. And her pup, Bouton.

2. Claire vs. King Louis

Claire and the Kind of France butt heads a few times during the book but one of the most memorable involves Claire poisoning Le Comte St. Germain. She visits King Louis to beg him to free Jamie (The Duke of Sandringham has had him imprisoned to keep him clear of Charles Stuart). Le Comte St. Germain accuses her of sorcery and witchcraft, of which he is also accused. They drink “poison” to prove who is innocent and because Claire and Master Raymond (also accused of Sorcery) have a tolerance for the plant poison, Le Comte is made out to be the evil one and Claire gets away.

1. Jamie’s sacrifice.

Jamie, realizing the battle of Culloden will go on as Claire said it would, has one last moment with her, then sends her back through the stones, pregnant, back to Frank. It’s heartbreaking and one of the best/worst moments in recent literature. It could also be one of the greatest television moments in history. YOU HEARIN’ THAT, RON? HMM?

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