‘Outlander’: Top 10 Claire Moments

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It is hard to try to boil down all of the fantastic moments from Outlander Season One involving Claire into our Top 10 Favorites. Claire steals ever scene she is in, but I am going to attempt to make this Top 10 superfan-worthy.

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Superfans will agree Claire is a smart, caring woman who is ahead of her time even in the 1940’s. She would have to be married to James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser. If Jamie is God amongst men, Claire is his Goddess. It is hard to pinpoint all the great moments Claire had on the show since she is in every episode and almost every scene. We did have a hard time finding the videos on-line of those great scenes. Most of the Outlander clips on YouTube are of Jamie.

Outlander is a book series is like no other. It is hard to but the show into a category. Is it historical, sci-fi or drama? No one knows, but fans of the book do not care. The television show producers have done an excellent job translating the Outlander book for viewers. The real praise should go to actor Caitriona Balfe for bringing Claire to life right before our eyes.


Let us get into why Claire is the woman we didn’t know we wanted to be.

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