‘Outlander’ Stars Spotted in Prague


Outlander is busy filming Season 2 in Prague, and fans have been posting pictures of sightings of Sam, Cait, the Prague set, and so much more! It’s hard to keep up, but here are a handful of the best fan photos from all over the web!

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If you’ve been following the production of Outlander Season 2, then you will be excited to know that SEVERAL of these photos highlight Claire and Jamie’s new Parisian-inspired wardrobes! There is an amazing shot of Claire’s yellow embroidered dress. She is also seen in a beautiful maroon/ plum colored dress and hat.

Jamie (Sam Heughan) can be seen in his kilt, still, although it is a dressier style than what we saw from him in Season 1.

Duncan Lacroix was also spotted by a fan, who got a quick photo-op with Murtagh!

Ron Moore took to twitter a few days ago to answer fan questions. Although we didn’t get much more *new* news, we did hear some interesting thoughts about Season 2, as well as some humor…




The set in Prague will be used for some of the scenes in Paris, France. At the end of Outlander Season 1, fans watched as Jamie and Claire set out on an adventure to France. Jamie is on the run, Claire is pregnant with his child, and they are both hoping to change the future and see the Bonnie Prince Charlie reign again.

Here are some fan photos!

There are some lucky fans! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m insanely jealous! At least we have the pictures, though…

Ron Moore has said that Outlander Season 2 will likely premiere in March or April of 2016, but an official premiere date has not yet been announced. Visit back for updates and more amazing character and set photos!

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