‘Outlander’: Top 10 Jamie Moments

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 I’m not even sure why were attempting to boil down all of the fantastic moments from Outlander Season One involving Jamie into our Top 10 Favorites. Every Jamie moment is a top moment, in my eyes, but I’m going to attempt to make this Top 10 superfan-worthy.

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Superfans will tell you that James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser is a God amongst men, and they will be apt to ramble aff a dozen or so reasons that he is the definitive Man of Men and favorite amongst TV/Bookish heartthrobs.

Before the TV show, us nerdy book reading types had to rely on trying to explain to people who had never heard of Outlander what exactly Outlander was (and *was not*) AND THEN try to explain Jamie. Good luck to us, too, because explaining Outlander as a thing usually took an obnoxious amount of time.

The TV show is great, though, because it offers fans a portal into a physical Outlander world, and with that comes all the great moments we’ve shared with our favorite Highlander in a tangible, physical sense.

So instead of going hoarse trying to explain it all to those who don’t have the pleasure of knowing, we can just hop over to YouTube and *show* people.

So, here you go. 10 Reasons we all love Jamie Fraser, or, his Top 10 Moments from Season One. Enjoy.

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