Will we see Red Jacob in Outlander: Blood of My Blood?

We've had a few casting updates for Outlander: Blood of My Blood. Will we see one for Red Jacob in the near future?
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So far, we know of nine cast members in Outlander: Blood of My Blood. There is one character many fans are curious about. It’s all about Red Jacob.

Red Jacob is Jacob MacKenzie, the father to Colum, Dougal, Jocasta, and Ellen. He was laird of Castle Leoch before Colum, and we know that after robbing Ned Gowan, he allowed Ned to join him on the road and they ended up close in a professional context.

With this being a prequel series, there is a chance that we’ll see Jacob. Is there any need for it, though?

Who is Jacob MacKenzie in Outlander: Blood of My Blood?

If you look at some of the Daily Lines that Diana Gabaldon has shared from her prequel novel, you’ll know that Red Jacob is in the story. This is because he does has a somewhat important role in Ellen ending up marrying for love.

Jacob didn’t want to force a marriage on Ellen. Colum and Dougal later decided that she should marry to build on MacKenzie land and gain favor with other clans, but Jacob didn’t want that. Arguably, that was how he should have used his daughter, but he chose to allow her to follow her heart. This led to her heart choosing Brian Fraser.

This didn’t mean that he didn’t want to marry her off to a powerful clan. He just accepted that if she didn’t want to marry someone, he wouldn’t force her. It’s not clear if he offered the same to Jocasta, though. It looks like Ellen was his favorite, even though as parents, we shouldn’t have favorites!

With this and the fact that Ned Gowan is in Outlander: Blood of My Blood, it would make sense for Jacob MacKenzie to be in some of the prequel at least. Don’t we need to see how Clan MacKenzie grew and his relationship with his daughter?

Outlander: Blood of My Blood is currently filming and will come to STARZ.