How is Ned Gowan in Outlander: Blood of My Blood?

Ned Gowan will be in the Outlander prequel. How could his character be included in Outlander: Blood of My Blood?
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With new casting announcements for Outlander: Blood of My Blood, we’ve found out that Ned Gowan will be part of the story. This may be a surprise to some as they’ve forgotten all of Ned’s story.

It was always obvious that we would need to see a young Dougal, Colum, and Murtagh. Those three characters are directly connected to Ellen MacKenzie. However, Ned isn’t. Not initially. It’s only when you remember his backstory that you’ll remember how he has to be part of the prequel series.

Ned served Jacob MacKenzie first in Outlander

When Ned tells Claire about how he ended up going from being an Edinburgh lawyer to working with Clan MacKenzie, he shares that it goes back to before Colum was laird. Ned knew Jacob.

In fact, Jacob robbed Ned when he was on his way up to the Highlands. Instead of trying to fight back, Ned asked to join Jacob. The two ended up working together as Ned found ways to solidify Jacob’s position as laird at Castle Leoch.

Considering the story is of how Brian and Ellen fell in love, it would make sense that Jacob is alive during some of this series. That would mean we’ll see Ned and Jacob interact.

Ned is still a lawyer in Outlander: Blood of My Blood

Ned will also be important when it comes to managing legal issues that arise. We know that Ellen and Brian’s marriage is going to cause some headaches. While Jacob didn’t want to force an arranged marriage on his daughter, Colum and Dougal didn’t care too much. They weren’t going to let Ellen marry Brian.

It’s possible that Ellen turns to Ned to get some advice on how to make sure she gets to follow her heart. We could also see him pulled into it after Ellen turns up visibly pregnant, as Ned figures out the best option legally for the clan to deal with the uproar.

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Outlander: Blood of My Blood is coming to STARZ.