4 more join the cast of Outlander: Blood of My Blood (including Murtagh!)

The Outlander: Blood of My Blood cast grows further with four actors joining. One of them will play a young Murtagh.
Outlander: Blood of My Blood
Outlander: Blood of My Blood /

We now know who will play prominent members of the MacKenzie clan in Outlander: Blood of My Blood. They will have some big shoes to fill!

STARZ shared the new casting in a press release and social media posts. We get to know who will play Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser, Dougal and Colum MacKenzie, and Ned Gowan.

It’s only natural that these four characters are included in the prequel series. We know from Outlander that they would have all been around when Brian and Ellen fell in love.

Outlander: Blood of My Blood casts Murtagh and more

Originally played by Duncan Lacroix, Murtagh will be played by Rory Alexander in the Outlander prequel series. You can catch him in the likes of Inland and Pistol. He also guest starred in Call the Midwife and Alex Rider.

What about the MacKenzies? Séamus McLean Ross will take on the role of Colum MacKenzie, while Sam Retford is going to play Dougal MacKenzie. The two roles were played by Gary Lewis and Graham McTavish in the flagship series.

Finally, Conor MacNeill is joining the cast as Ned Gowan, who was played by Bill Paterson in the original series.

How can these characters be in the Outlander prequel?

Including all the characters in the prequel makes sense. Even Ned Gowan.

Let’s start with the obvious three. We needed to see Ellen’s brothers. After all, the two of them tried to prevent Ellen marrying Brian to help secure good relations with other clans. Meanwhile, Murtagh was in love with Ellen and remained close to her despite her choosing another man. He would rather her be in his life as a friend than not at all, and that led to him becoming Jamie’s godfather.

Some fans may have forgotten that Ned Gowan was Jacob MacKenzie’s lawyer before Colum’s. He knows the family history, so it’s not surprising to see him included in the prequel series. After all, there are going to be discussions about the legalities of marriage at some point.

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Outlander: Blood of My Blood will come to STARZ.