Do Murtagh and Dougal say ‘Druid’ in the Outlander series premiere?

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center /

What was the word that sounded like ‘Druid’ in the Outlander series premiere

The more you watch an Outlander episode, the more you pick up. That’s certainly the case with the Outlander series premiere recently.

As fans have rewatched to mark the anniversary of the episode, we’ve heard Dougal and Murtagh both say what sounds like “Druid.” Why would they say such a word when both are Catholic?

If it was actually “Druid,” it could make a little sense with Murtagh saying it. It could mean that Murtagh thinks that Claire is a mystical person. Those who have read “The Exile” know that Murtagh does see Claire come through the stones, although that’s not clear in the series (and he doesn’t find out the truth until Season 2).

However, Dougal says it to everyone. So, why?

They say ‘trobhad’

The men aren’t saying “Druid,” but it’s easy to understand why many have mistaken this as they watch and rewatch the Outlander series premiere. The word “trobhad” is pronounced “TROat.” It does sound a little like “truitt.” Say that out loud and you’ll see where the “Druid” thing comes from.

There is no way we can argue against the Gaelic consultant on the series!

The phrase means “to wit” or “come on,” something like that. If you look at how Murtagh moves when he says the words, it’s clear that he wants Claire to come with him. Dougal also wants the men to move out from the cottage and get on the road.

In fact, some of the subtitles that have been added to episodes have tried to include the Gaelic terms. Of course, if they’re done by someone who doesn’t speak or understand the language, the translations or even just the Gaelic words end up wrong. Don’t believe the subtitles unless you know they’ve been done by someone who understands Gaelic.

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