Will there be a Season 5 of For All Mankind?

Not many Apple shows go past four seasons. What will happen to For All Mankind? Will it get a fifth season?
For All Mankind Margo Madison
For All Mankind Margo Madison /

For All Mankind has come to an end for another season. And what a shocking and exciting end that it was. As always, it kept us on our toes to the end to find out if we’d say a permanent goodbye to any of the characters we’ve come to know and love.

There are no spoilers in this post if that’s what you’re worried about. Our focus is on what could happen in the future. More specifically, we’re looking at whether For All Mankind will get a fifth season or not.

It’s not common for Apple TV+ to give a show a fifth season. Look at where the likes of Servant and See have ended. Yet, we have a lot of hope for this historical fiction series.

For All Mankind Season 5 is likely to happen

There is no doubt that this space series is a popular one. Apple will renew a show if it’s worth it in terms of finances, and it looks like For All Mankind is.

On top of that, Screen Rant shares that the showrunners are looking at making this a six or seven season show. Ron D. Moore is no longer the everyday showrunner of the series, but he is still involved, and he had a dream for this from the beginning.

With how time jumps have worked, the fifth season would take us to the early 2000s. Then we could see a jump to the 2010s before jumping to the 2020s for the seventh season. This makes sense to focus on events that have happened and how they could have changed within the world of this alternate history series rather than making up events in the future.

Now we just need to hope that enough people have watched the series to make it clear that Apple needs to renew it.

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For All Mankind is available to stream on Apple TV+.