Who sent Rogue after the Chulders in Doctor Who?

Rogue told The Doctor that someone sent him after the Chulders in Doctor Who. Who was it, and have we met them already?
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios /

When Rogue had The Doctor trapped, he mentioned that someone had sent it. It’s led to a lot of questions for Doctor Who fans. Is it the hint of a return, or could this be The One Who Waits?

Rogue shared that someone sent him, and this someone requires a lot of paperwork. It’s led to questions about who could have sent Rogue after the Chulders in 1813 Bath. There were some far more serious aliens in the past, so why these Bridgerton cosplaying aliens?

There are a few theories, and some of them involve characters of the past. There’s also the possibility that it connects to the boss that others have talked about in previous episodes.

River Song, Jack Harkness, and more

There are plenty of characters from Doctor Who past who could have sent Rogue to 1813 Bath. Jack Harkness is certainly one of them. The last we know, he was working with Torchwood, although that spin-off series did come to an end. He will potentially eventually be the Face of Boe, which means that Jack is somewhere out there right now. He’s sure to still want to keep the Earth safe, so sending a bounty hunter makes sense.

Jack isn’t a fan of paperwork, though. Someone who is a fan of paperwork is Kate Stewart. She needs that to keep UNIT going. Is there a chance that Kate is the one who found out about the Chulders in the past? Did she sent Rogue?

The problem there is Rogue didn’t know anything of 1813 Earth. He didn’t realize just how scandalous he and The Doctor dancing were. So, that would suggest that he wasn’t from Earth. Kate would make sure someone knew everything about the time period they were going to.

This then suggests that it could be River Song. Maybe she didn’t have time to tell Rogue everything, or maybe she assumed Rogue knew all the details. River Song isn’t alive in The Doctor’s present time, but the beauty of time travel is that we could have a River Song from another time period. She could know The Doctor and know that the Chulders need taking out.

Is The Boss in Doctor Who also The One Who Waits?

Rogue could have been hired by someone else entirely. Remember Meep mentioned a Boss who was out there waiting. There have been mentions of The One Who Waits. Is it possible that the person who sent Rogue is this boss, which could explain the paperwork?

Someone has the gold tooth that holds The Master after the takedown of the Toymaker. We know from Maestro that The One Who Waits is coming. It would make sense for someone so powerful that The Toymaker didn’t want to go up against them would be someone new.

This is a new pantheon of gods in the world of Doctor Who. And there is a good chance all the pieces of the puzzle will be put together very soon.

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