When will the Manhunt series finale air on Apple TV+?

Manhunt has just begun on Apple TV+. Of course, you'll want to know when you'll be able to binge-watch the series.

Manhunt -- Courtesy of Apple
Manhunt -- Courtesy of Apple /

It’s time for the hunt for John Wilkes Booth. Manhunt follows the aftermath of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. You’ll certainly want to stream the episodes each week.

The first two episodes of the historical crime drama are now available. Like so many other Apple TV+ shows, this is another one that streams on a weekly basis. That means knowing when the finale airs. After all, you need to know when you can binge-watch it.

Manhunt series finale date

The show is set to come to an end in April. There are just seven episodes to this limited series. While two episodes have dropped right now, the remaining series will release one episode per week. That means we’ll get the finale on Friday, April 19.

You can watch the episodes at 3 a.m. ET/12 a.m. PT on the day of release. Sorry, this isn’t a series that drops early thanks to time zones.

You’ll be able to stream all seven episodes back-to-back. It’ll be worth starting your binge that week, so you can enjoy the finale as soon as it drops.

A Manhunt series finale and not a season finale?

You may have noticed the wording. Yes, it is set to be the Manhunt series finale.

This has been written as a limited series. Of course, there are times that limited series are renewed, but that’s not often the case with Apple shows. When they are planned as a limited series, they remain that way. Just look at the likes of Lessons in Chemistry and the latest Masters of the Air.

The only way this is likely to be renewed is if it is as an anthology series. This would allow the creators to explore various manhunts when it came to assassinations. There isn’t really a continuation for the series when it comes to this historical fiction.

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Manhunt airs Fridays on Apple TV+.