When will Manhunt starring Tobias Menzies premiere on Apple TV+?

Tobias Menzies steps into the shoes of the man who hunted down the man who killed Abraham Lincoln in Manhunt on Apple TV+.
Manhunt -- Courtesy of Apple
Manhunt -- Courtesy of Apple /

There are some great period dramas and historical fiction coming to TV in 2024. One of those is perfect for Outlander and The Crown fans. Tobias Menzies steps into the shoes of Edward Stanton, the man who led the chase for Abraham Lincoln’s killer in Manhunt.

Yes, this is all about the search for John Wilkes Booth, an actor who was responsible for the assassination of the president. The murder itself still goes down in history as one of the least understood ones. However, it also makes for compelling TV as Stanton and others went on the search for the killer. Just what happened to Booth in the aftermath of the assassination?

The series itself is based on the book Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer by James L. Swanson. It’s being developed into a limited series, so don’t expect to see more of Stanton’s cases after this high-profile one.

When will Manhunt premiere on Apple TV+?

There is some great news. This is a series coming out in early 2024. It’s not one that you’ll want to skip over, whether you’re into historical fiction, true crime retellings, or just some of the many great names involved in the show.

The first two episodes will drop together on Friday, March 15. The remaining five episodes will air weekly on Fridays, with the finale airing on Friday, April 19.

Menzies is joined by an all-star cast. Anthony Boyle takes on the role of Booth, while Lovie Simone is Mary Simms. Hamish Linklater will play President Abraham Lincoln. The cast is rounded out with Brandon Flynn, Will Harrison, Damian O’Hare, Patton Oswalt, Matt Walsh, and Glenn Morshower.

There isn’t a trailer for the season just yet, which isn’t surprising considering there are still a few months to go. We’ll keep an eye out for more information about this series.

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Manhunt premieres on Friday, March 15 on Apple TV+.