What year is THEM: The Scare set in?

THEM Season 2 is finally coming to Prime Video. It's another series set in the past, but when exactly is THEM: The Scare set?
Pam Grier (Athena), Deborah Ayorinde (Dawn)
Pam Grier (Athena), Deborah Ayorinde (Dawn) /

Are you ready for a new horror show? The second season of THEM is finally dropping on Prime Video this week. What year does THEM: The Scare take us back to?

While it is the second season of THEM on Prime Video, you don’t need to watch the first season to prepare for it. There’s no need to remember all the events from three years ago. And yes, it has been three years since the first season arrived on Prime Video!

THEM: The Scare takes place in a different time period. Deborah Ayorinde returns, but not as Lucky from the 1950s storyline. Instead, she is Detective Dawn Reeve, a homicide detective who ends up with a case that is going to put herself and her family in danger.

When is THEM: The Scare set in?

The series takes us back to 1991 Los Angeles County. This is an important year for the social elements to the story. Like the first season, there is a huge focus on the turbulent time for Black people in America. We just have to keep in mind that this is only a few years before the LA Riots.

Dawn faces a lot of racism while doing her job. She wants to fight for the Black people and make a difference, but that’s not easy considering the white men she works with. They are willing to put her and her people at risk for the sake of their own opinions and careers. They don’t care that Black and people of color are being killed by a potential serial killer.

Like with the first season, there are touches of the supernatural thrown in to make the dangers all that much worse. This supernatural sinister element is attacking Black people predominately, and Dawn needs to figure out why and who is behind it before her family becomes the next set of victims.

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THEM: The Scare comes to Prime Video on Thursday, April 25.