Why was Hunters canceled by Prime Video? (Why there won't be a Season 3)

Hunters is both historical fiction and alternate history. It was canceled after two seasons, but why?
Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video
Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video /

Back in 2020, Prime Video brought us a new historical drama series. It was all about Hunters.

Al Capone starred in the series, and he was certainly the draw for many people. He led a group of Nazi hunters in the 1970s, and the first season took place in the United States. However, the second season picked up years later in Europe, as the hunters initially disbanded but realized then needed to join back together to take down one Adolf Hitler.

Yes, this series started off as historical fiction, but it turned into alternate history. The hunt for Adolf Hitler was fun, but it saw the end of the series.

Why did Amazon cancel Hunters?

The series was renewed a few months after the first season aired. It was in the middle of the pandemic, and you know what that meant. Writing and filming were heavily delayed.

This was a show that remained extremely quiet. It led to questions about whether the series had been quietly canceled or not. At one point, it really felt like we weren’t going to get the second season. It was three years later that we finally got to see it.

We then found out that the second season would be the last. Fortunately, the creators knew this as they were writing and filming. It allowed for a decent ending, especially after the big reveal that Hitler was still alive.

The pandemic may have played a part in the cancellation. However, there was also a problem that this series didn’t find its audience. The series was an expensive one to create. While there weren’t the big graphics of the likes of The Boys, creating a period drama costs a lot of money for costumes, sets, and then the CGI work afterward. Without the audience, the show was a high risk.

Streaming shows go up in cost exponentially after the second season due to cast costs. So, it made more sense for Amazon to cancel the show after two seasons.

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Hunters is available to stream on Prime Video.