What happened to Lady Jane Grey in My Lady Jane?

My Lady Jane gave us a retelling of Lady Jane Grey's story. Did that include saving her from the executioner's block? What happened at the end of the first season?
Emily Bader as Lady Jane Grey
Emily Bader as Lady Jane Grey /

A lot went down in the My Lady Jane Season 1 finale. What happened to Lady Jane Grey? Did she die a traitor’s death?

In real history, we know that Lady Jane Grey and her husband Lord Guildford Dudley were executed for treason on Feb. 12, 1554. It looked like the show would bring us one of those deaths at the end of the first season.

After an attempt to poison Queen Mary failed, Lady Jane Grey was arrested and taken to the Tower. She couldn’t even poison her guard, and she ended up being taken to the executioner’s block.

Lady Jane Grey escaped in My Lady Jane

This is an alternate history series. You didn’t think the show would kill off the main protagonist, did you? As Lady Jane Grey was blindfolded and struggled to find the block—as happened in real life—a flock of birds rallied around her. The Ethians came to save her thanks to King Edward VI finding the Ethians and rallying them to help put him back on the throne.

Lady Jane Grey was taken to safety, but she had to go back to Guildford, who was trapped in a fire. It looked like Guildford was going to die, but he finally found the key to controlling his transformation into a horse. Jane and Guildford shared their love for each other. It’s always about true love’s kiss, right?

Guildford turned into a horse and got Jane out of the fire.

It’s not over, though. Lady Jane Grey vows to take down Queen Mary for good. The tyrant cannot be allowed to remain on the throne. Is this going to lead to a complete retelling with Edward or Jane back on the throne, or will we see Queen Elizabeth ascend in My Lady Jane Season 2?

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