Watching Outlander in the UK? Here's what you need to know

Outlander is technically moving home again in the UK. Take a look at all the details you need to make sure you can still stream the series.
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There have been a lot of changes to the streaming home of Outlander in the UK over the years. A new deal means that there is another change coming.

At first, the series was on Amazon Prime. It then moved to Lionsgate+ as Lionsgate and Starz combined. However, things have changed again, as Lionsgate and Starz aren’t as chummy as they once were.

UK fans have been worried recently as Lionsgate+ shut down back in February. Those who signed up to it via Amazon Prime Channels got to keep the channel and access to Outlander, but it wasn’t clear how long that would be for.

The Hollywood Reporter brought an update at the start of April. It comes with the news that the streaming home will sort of change, but you don’t need to get a new platform.

Outlander will move to MGM+

You’ll be able to watch Outlander on MGM+. This doesn’t mean you’ll need to get the platform, though. It turns out that Lionsgate+ is going to change to MGM+, which matches the changes happening in Europe and Latin America.

Right now, you can get access to MGM with your Lionsgate+ subscription if you got it through Amazon Prime Channels. In May, the name will change to MGM+.

MGM+ will become the exclusive streaming home to Starz and Lionsgate content. This is to match the growth of MGM+ in other parts of the world. Outlander isn’t the only series that will head here. Fans will get to watch all Starz content that is exclusive to Starz, including The Serpent Queen. If you’re watching Mary & George, that’s still on Sky as it was a joint venture.

You will be able to get MGM+ as soon as it’s released in the UK if you don’t have any access just yet. There’s plenty of time to binge-watch all six and a half seasons so far before Outlander Season 7B is released in November 2024.

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