The Kingdom 2024 is the confirmed last event for The Last Kingdom from Sasnak City

All good things must come to an end. In this case, it's a popular fan event for The Last Kingdom fans from Sasnak City. Take a look at how to be a part of The Kingdom 2024.
The Kingdom 2023 -- Courtesy of Alexandria Ingham
The Kingdom 2023 -- Courtesy of Alexandria Ingham /

The Last Kingdom fan events are popular. Sasnak City fan events are exceptionally popular. The two come together with The Kingdom. However, if you want to take part, 2024 is your last year.

With the TV series now ended, it’s natural for fan events to also end. It was only a matter of time until we’d see the end of The Kingdom from Sasnak City. Now we know that the summer event is the last one, and there is still time to get tickets. Sadly, there isn’t time to get the payment plans, but there are tickets available at each of the levels.

Why this is likely the last The Kingdom event

As TV shows come to an end, the actors move onto other projects. Fans also move onto other shows. This can lead to a lack of interest in fan events. Now we know that The Last Kingdom fans would love to keep attending the events, but Sasnak City needs to make sure there are enough people attending to justify the costs and time of putting on an event.

At the same time, these events take a long time to put together. There are other TV shows and fandoms to service. With a small business, it means choosing different fandoms to service as other shows become popular. This is also a great way to connect with new actors. And you never know if there will be crossovers with other shows. Just look at Rod Hallett being on both The Last Kingdom and Outlander.

What to know about the last Sasnak City The Last Kingdom event

The last event takes place between Aug. 22 and 25, 2024. The first night is registration, with the first day of activities with the cast taking place on Friday, Aug. 23. If you do end up flying in late on Thursday, you don’t need to worry about missing out on too much with the cast. You will miss out on time getting to know your fellow Last Kingdom fans.

Tickets are still available via the Sasnak City website. We’ve taken a look at the different package options in the past. Those package options are still available, and there is something for all budgets. The extras have not gone on sale yet.

There are five guests announced so far. They are:

Harry McEntire
James Northcote
Harry Gilby
Cavan Clerkin
Mark Rowley

There is still plenty of time for more cast announcements to be made. Just make sure you’re not going just for one particular cast member. If they end up with a schedule change for a project, they will end up canceling their appearances.

So, don’t miss out on the last Sasnak City: The Kingdom. You don’t want to regret this.

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