The Kingdom 2024: Which ticket package is right for you?

Sasnak City: The Kingdom 2023 -- Courtesy of Alexandria Ingham
Sasnak City: The Kingdom 2023 -- Courtesy of Alexandria Ingham /

The Kingdom 2024 dates are set and the tickets are available. There are multiple options, but which package is going to be right for you?

When you look at the ticket packages for The Kingdom 2024, you may initially get some sticker shock. No, this is not a cheap event.

One thing that I will say is that while it’s not cheap, it is worth the money. This is more than just heading to the event and listening to a few panels. It is a far more intimate convention than the likes of Emerald City Comic Con or New York Comic Con. There is also a lot going on.

You can find ticket tiers that are more in your price range. Now you just need to figure out what you want to gain from your attendance at the event, and what you can afford. This is a basic look at each ticket. We’ll go into each individual package in separate posts soon.

Bebbanburg and Wessex packages at The Kingdom 2024

Bebbanburg is the top tier at the event. This is the most expensive, coming in at just short of $3.5k before tax. Wow!

There aren’t many people in this tier. There is a payment plan option as long as you get the ticket early enough, so you can help to spread those payments out. It is worth getting this tier at least once, but you will not be judged if you can’t afford it.

The ticket includes a lot. You get the front row for the panels, early entry to registration, the Friday night selfie and talk with the cast members on the bridge at the World War I Museum. Then there’s the personalized and regular autographs with all the guests present, solo photos will all guests, a choice of a group of speciality photo, Saturday and Sunday lunches with the cast, and so much more.

Wessex tickets cost a little less. For just short of $2.3k before taxes, you’ll get seating just behind Bebbanburg. There is a payment plan available for this tier as well.

Wessex members go in for everything after Bebbanburg. There are personalized and regular autographs with all the cast members, a solo photo with each of the guests, and a group shot of your choice. While you don’t get the Friday night event, you do get the Saturday night dessert event. Again, it involves talking to the cast and getting selfies. There’s also the Saturday event that involves chatting to the cast members—but no selfies.

Lunch is provided on the two full days. All ticket tiers get a lunch provided.

Mercia, East Anglia, and Northumbria tickets at The Kingdom 2024

The three lower tiers are a little more affordable for many people. Let’s start with Mercia, which is a step down from Wessex. This ticket costs just short of $1.4k before tax. There is a payment plan available to help.

With this ticket, you’ll get two autographs with all the guests present. You’ll also get four solo photos. These are decided once the guest list is finalized, so you’ll find out exactly who you get included in your tier closer to the time. You can purchase other photos.

This ticket doesn’t include any evening events except the Thursday night welcome party and the Saturday night dance party. However, you will have the opportunity to buy a ticket for the Lords of the North Saturday night event.

East Anglia ticket holders will pay $745+tax. Yes, there is an installment plan available. The ticket includes an autograph with all the guests and two solo photos, with the guests decided on closer to the event.

Like Mercia, ticket holders will have the opportunity to buy more and get a ticket for the Saturday night Lords of the North event. There is also access to the Thursday night welcome party and the Saturday night afterparty.

Northumbria is the cheapest of the ticket packages. It has no extras included. You’re getting access to the panels, the event, and a lunch for $255 + tax.

Wait, no extras? You can buy the extras that you want. Let’s say you only wanted one particular autograph. Instead of getting a more expensive tier, you can save money for that one autograph and then save your money for other things in life. You could also do that with meet and greets.

Yes, all ticket tiers include the ability to buy tickets for the meet and greets, extra photos and autographs, the other ticketed events, and more.

Next. When will we find out the guests for The Kingdom 2024. dark

The Kingdom 2024 tickets are available from the official Sasnak City website.