Yes, you can expect The Couple Next Door on STARZ in 2024

The Couple Next Door stars Sam Heughan and all Outlander fans want to check it out. When will it arrive on STARZ?
The Couple Next Door -- Courtesy of Channel 4 / Toon Aerts
The Couple Next Door -- Courtesy of Channel 4 / Toon Aerts /

We are more than ready to see The Couple Next Door. Outlander fans in the UK have already had a chance to watch the show. It premiered at the end of November. Fans in the U.S. and Canada have to wait a little longer.

The question now is when. In some great news, we know that it will arrive in 2024. STARZ made that clear when it picked up the Channel 4 drama. It only makes sense that the show would head to STARZ considering it starts Outlander’s Sam Heughan. We all want to see as much of his stuff in one place as possible.

The Couple Next Door also stars Eleanor Tomlinson as Evie. She and her husband Pete (Alfred Enoch) have just moved into an area that seems quiet and charming on the outside. It turns out that it’s full of curtain twitchers and people simply trying to keep up with expectations. When they meet their neighbors, Danny and Becka (Heughan and Jessica De Gouw), they end up entangled after a steamy night and things change for them forever.

When will The Couple Next Door come to STARZ?

As of right now, STARZ is still to set the premiere date for the new series. All we know is that it will not arrive in January.

We hope to see it in February or March. We know that STARZ is planning “early 2024,” so February or March makes the most sense. It would be great to time it with the release of Outlander Season 7B, but then STARZ may want to run the shows back to back. This will help to keep subscribers around as they tune in for two of Heughan’s shows.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on the release plans. After all, this is a series we can’t wait to watch.

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The Couple Next Door is coming to STARZ in 2024.