Stuff Your Earbuds Day is here and there are a bunch of romance books to read!

Do you need more romance in your life? Stuff Your Earbuds Day has you covered. It's time to get audiobooks for free!
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Are you ready to add more romance in your life? Of course you are! The good news is you can do that for free with Stuff Your Earbuds Day.

Stuff Your Earbuds Day takes place today, Friday, May 10 and tomorrow, Saturday, May 11. You’ll want to get in there and start adding all the romance books you can to your audiobook library. It’s not just about romance, but there are some great romance books available for you to listen to.

Audible is not included in Stuff Your Earbuds Day

Let me just start by saying that you can’t get these books on Audible. Amazon’s Audible does not allow authors to make their books free for people to “buy.” The free books are those in the Audible library and available for a limited time only.

You will need something like Spotify, Kobo, Bookfunnel, and B&N Nook. These sites are free to join to get your books, and there are subscriptions to them if you choose. If you do get Spotify Premium, you’ll get 15 hours of free audiobook listening per month, and anything that you get from Stuff Your Earbuds Day will be included in those free hours.

Where to finds your romance books

Authors will post their books all over the place. It can be hard to find everything that’s available. The good news is Romance Audiobookworms makes it super easy. This site has put in the hard work so nobody else has to.

Simply scroll down a little past all the notices about the different places to listen to the books. You’ll find a list of the different romance genres. Whether you like steamy, cozy, LGBTQ, or even paranormal romance, there is something for you.

The authors choose to make their books free as part of this Stuff Your Earbuds event. Some of them will keep their books free for a short period of time after, while other authors only choose to do this during the event. You can get as many of the books as you want. There is no limit—except for the space that you have on your device you listen to the books on!

In a lot of cases, the authors will make the first books in their series or sagas available for free. This is a great way to allow you to learn more about the characters and figure out if you enjoy the writing. Then you can choose to buy the other books after that.

What are you waiting for? Delve into Stuff Your Earbuds Day right now!

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