5 steamy romance books to read for Valentine's Day 2024

Love is in the air, and so are steamy romance books. Here are five you need to read to get in the mood for Valentine's Day this year.
The 24 hours open book store which has p-books and e-books comes into service in
The 24 hours open book store which has p-books and e-books comes into service in / TPG/GettyImages
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The Twisted series and more steamy books to read this Valentine’s Day

There are some great books out there if you’re trying to get in the mood for Valentine’s Day. You want steamy moments and romance, right? Well, we have you covered.

There are some of the milder romance books, but we also have some dark romance suggestions. This way, we cover all basis when it comes to the type of smut that you prefer to read. This is a no-judgment zone!

Start with the Twisted series by Ana Huang

If you like individual books that focus on couples in a group, you’ll want to turn to the Twisted series. They’re a little like the Bridgerton books, where other characters are mentioned and seen now and then, but each book focuses on a different couple.

The first will immediately have you hooked. It follows Alex Volkov and Ava Chen. Ava is John’s little sister, and Josh is Alex’s best friend. The two shouldn’t be together. In fact, they don’t even like each other. That is until they do. As their sexual chemistry grows, so do their desires.

The other books follow characters that we meet, including one book following Josh Chen.

This is one of those book series where you would never tolerate the behavior in real life, but you can enjoy it in the book.