There's great news about Silo Season 2 production

Silo Season 2 is officially happening, and there's some great news about the production process. When could we expect to see the season?
Silo streaming May 5, 2023 on Apple TV+.
Silo streaming May 5, 2023 on Apple TV+. /

When it comes to shows based on a book, Silo is one that’s more than worth checking out. This dystopian future series follows a group of people trapped underground because the air outside is toxic.

The first season ended with new sheriff, Juliette, being sent outside to clean. Fortunately, she’d made a discovery before going outside and she realized that the view on the visor was not the real view of the world outside. On top of that, Walker had managed to get the right heat tape to Juliette before going outside, meaning that she was able to reach the top of the hill and see what is really out there in the world.

The second season has to pick up off that. It’s worth noting that the books by Hugh Howey go into the past as well as the present day. The second book tells us how the silos were created and what happened to the world.

In fact, the first season didn’t even cover the whole of the first book. The first book doesn’t end with Juliette outside, so we’ll get to see that play out in Silo Season 2.

When can we expect Silo Season 2?

There is some great news about production of the series. According to Screen Rant, the second season has started production.

This is a series that requires a fair bit of CGI, although not as much as fantasy shows. With production starting up at the end of 2023, it is possible that we could see Silo Season 2 arrive in late 2024. However, I’d say early 2025 is more likely to make sure there is time to get through all of production and post-production. We don’t want this show to be rushed.

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Silo is available to stream on Apple TV+.