Will Rogue return to Doctor Who?

Rogue didn't die in Doctor Who Season 14, Episode 6. However, he is in a barren dimension. Could The Doctor find him at some point?
Jonathan Groff with the Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson)
Jonathan Groff with the Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) /

There is no doubt that we would love to see Rogue return in Doctor Who. The ending of Season 14, Episode 6 left it open for that possibility, but will it happen?

Jonathan Groff did not disappoint as the alien bounty hunter. After initially capturing The Doctor, he realized that The Doctor was not the alien he was looking for. And so, the two teamed up to tackle the problem of aliens killing people to cosplay, thinking they were cosplaying Bridgerton.

It led to some beautiful moments for The Doctor and Rogue, and it all ended with a kiss as Rogue then managed to push Ruby out of the force field and take her place. Rogue isn’t dead, but he is in a barren wasteland.

Rogue wants The Doctor to find him in Doctor Who

Rogue’s final words to The Doctor were “fine me.” According to Screen Rant, this wasn’t a hint that Groff’s character would definitely return. The episode, co-written by Kate Herron and Briony Redman ended with a cheeky moment. There was a chance that Russell T. Davis would want to write that part out, but he chose to keep it.

Now The Doctor has Rogue’s ring and the knowledge that Rogue is counting on The Doctor to find him. Is that going to be a storyline in a coming season? It’s possible that Davis left it in there to offer him a storyline to continue with in episodes to come, but Rogue won’t return in Season 14.

There are two episodes left of the season. They will bring us answers about Susan Twist’s many faces and the legend of Ruby Sunday.

This could allow Groff to return in Season 15. That season has finished production, and there haven’t been any sightings of Groff in the series. That doesn’t mean he won’t be part of it, though. Something like this is something that everyone will want to keep under wraps.

Rogue has made it clear that he doesn’t deal with pretending. Nor does he blame The Doctor for how events played out. He seems to have faith that The Doctor will find him, and that’s something we need to see happen in a future episode of Doctor Who.

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