3 reasons we need Warrior Season 4 to happen

Warrior is in somewhat of a limbo with the show just arriving on Netflix. Here's why Netflix needs to renew this show.

Warrior Season 2 -- Photograph by Graham Bartholomew/Cinemax
Warrior Season 2 -- Photograph by Graham Bartholomew/Cinemax /

When it comes to period dramas, there is one that you’ll likely have jumped straight into on Netflix. Warrior finally arrived after years of it being on Cinemax and Max. This offers the show a new chance of success, and we need to see Netflix renew it.

This is more than just to answer the cliffhanger questions that we have from the third season. There is a lot going on this show that makes it clear it’s needed.

Warrior reminds us of the real history

It’s easy to look at the past with rose-colored glasses. After all, there are some schools that won’t teach certain parts of history because people don’t like it or feel uncomfortable. Guess what; history is supposed to make us feel like that. It’s not meant to be liked.

Something Warrior has done over three seasons is remind us of some of the darker parts of history. You know about slavery and the racism against Black people. What about the hatred and racism against Asian people coming over? This series specifically focuses on the Chinese people coming to San Francisco.

We get the reminder of some of the acts that were passed to make the American dream impossible for them. Why did they get passed? What was San Francisco like shortly after the Civil War? This show is willing to make that clear.

Everyone has their flaws

There isn’t a real hero in this series. We want to love Ah Sahm. He is the main protagonist, but that doesn’t mean he always makes the right choices. He makes the right choices for him at the time. There are times that he’s selfish.

Each character has flaws. We get to see what made them into the people they are and why they act a certain way. We get reminders that humans have layers.

This show doesn’t really have a villain. The villain is society at the time, and either you’re on the wrong side or right side of history.

We have representation that is needed on TV

We need more shows that have fewer white people in the lead. It’s time to bring us shows that focus on different races, giving them a chance to shine. Warrior has a strong Asian-American cast that brings history to life.

We just have to look at how there are four white men who are main characters by the end of the third season. Main characters—yes, there are plenty of other white men. They are needed, but the focus is on Chinatown, and that means an Asian-American cast. And this series did not disappoint.

There aren’t the stereotypes, though. When some of the stereotypes are used, it’s to make a point in the series or it’s to further a discussion, such as when Asian characters speak in broken English. This is a chance to remind those who need it that people are people regardless of where they come from or how they speak.

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Warrior is available to stream on Max and Netflix.