Ranking the Outlander seasons (so far) from worst to best

There isn't actually a bad season of Outlander, but some are definitely better than others. Here's my ranking of the six and a half seasons of the series so far.

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Outlander Season 3 separated Claire and Jamie too much

I’ll start this by saying that I didn’t mind Claire and Jamie being separated for the first half of the season. After all, the show needed to do those 20 years apart justice. We needed to see Claire live in the 20th century, focusing on her career and finding out that Jamie was still alive. We also needed to see Jamie just survive without Claire in his life.

It was after they reunited that I actually had a bigger problem with the season. Claire and Jamie were just apart in terms of intimate connection. We had Jamie not telling him at all about his marriage to Laoghaire, which didn’t make sense, and we had Claire (admittedly realistically) having to figure out if there was a place in Jamie’s life still.

Then there was the part where Claire was in the jungle, and we have where the two were separated on the ship. This season just seemed to see the two apart more than together, and it meant there were a few things lacking in the season. However, I did love getting to know Young Ian and seeing Geillis return.

Outlander Season 2 started off too slow

The France storyline is my least favorite of the entire series. I find it boring and way too long. It’s also pointless considering the way it all turns out. There’s so much focus on trying to change something that we know can’t be changed.

Part of the problem is the way the season begins. We find out that Claire is in her own time and Culloden happened. We know that Claire had to return to Frank pregnant, so something happened in the past. Without that moment, the France storyline could have been a little more exciting.

Once the show gets back into Scotland, this season really packs a punch. I adore the buildup to Culloden, and the way the show allows us to say goodbye to characters we know can’t survive the end of the Jacobite rebellion.