Ranking the Outlander seasons (so far) from worst to best

There isn't actually a bad season of Outlander, but some are definitely better than others. Here's my ranking of the six and a half seasons of the series so far.
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Ranking all the Outlander seasons so far

There have been some good seasons of Outlander. There have also been some excellent seasons of the series.

This is one of those shows where you need to follow it from start to finish. There are great episodes in each season, and then there are some that are not so great. But when all the episodes are put together, we get some fun storylines, interconnecting moments, and intriguing character development.

As we wait for the second half of Outlander Season 7, I’m taking some time to look through the previous seasons of the series. Here is my ranking of the seasons from worst to best.

Outlander Season 4 spent too much time separating characters

I love getting to know Roger and Brianna more in Outlander Season 4. This season does have one of my favorite episodes of the entire series: “Providence.” However, the season as a whole just doesn’t excite me that much.

The problem is the way the characters are separated for too long. We don’t get to see Bree and Roger happy together to really be sold on their love story in the beginning. Just as they’re happy, they’re arguing again. Then it leads to Roger being sold into slavery due to nobody communicating with each other (yes, everyone is to blame for that moment except Roger!) and it’s a race to save him.

This season also doesn’t seem to have a big moment for the show to build up to. With the first two seasons, we know there is the buildup to Culloden. The third season is all about the Bakra, and the fifth season really kicks off the Revolutionary War becoming a problem for the Frasers. The fourth season just seems a little flat in that aspect.