Ranking Outlander Season 7A from worst to best as it drops on Netflix Canada

Outlander Season 7A arrives on Netflix Canada on May 18. Here's our ranking of the eight episodes of the season so far from worst to best.
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Season 7, Episode 8, “Turning Points”

I do agree with Aysha that the midseason finale was the best episode of the season. It had everything that we needed for a midseason finale. It was packed with action, emotion, and drama.

It all started with picking up off the cliffhanger that made us worried for Jamie. Of course, we knew Jamie wouldn’t be dead, but just how injured would he be? Things were a lot worse in the books, so the show did hold back a little, but I wonder if that’s to make the Battle of Kings Mountain harder to handle.

The moment in the British camp broke my heart. We got to see how there was still a respect of family and men with Jamie and Claire coming through so Jamie could see his cousin one last time. This storyline led to the one thing that Jamie and Claire had wanted since leaving Fraser’s Ridge. They had a reason to get back to Scotland.

The ending to the episode left us with a lot of questions and excitement. Arch recognizes Rollo and realizes that Rachel is important to Young Ian, while Buck makes a sacrifice to go back through the stones with Roger to find Jem, leaving Brianna and Mandy in 1980. Rewatching the episode always makes me excited to see Outlander Season 7B.

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