Will Young Ian return to Rachel in Outlander?

Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Young Ian left Rollo with Rachel while he went to Scotland in the Outlander Season 7A finale. Will he make it back to Rachel?

Young Ian has finally made it back to Scotland. It’s only taken three and a half seasons since he was taken to The Bakra. Better late than never, right? The problem is that Young Ian had a life in the colonies. He also has a dog that he very much misses.

It’s okay, though. Rollo is in good hands. He made great friends with Rachel Hunter, and she’s currently looking after him. Will Young Ian make it back to Rachel at some point?

Is Young Ian going to stay in Scotland in Outlander?

While Young Ian is going to Scotland, it’s clear that he isn’t planning on staying there. If he was, he would have likely brought Rollo with him. All he’s doing is holding up a promise Jamie made to Jenny. Jamie promised to bring Young Ian back to Jenny after saving him from The Bakra. It’s just taken a while to hold up that promise.

Young Ian didn’t want to go back to Scotland after he was saved, though. Initially, they were all on the ship to Scotland but there was a storm and they ended up shipwrecked in Georgia. That led to them all moving to North Carolina, where Young Ian has now found a home.

When he left Rollo with Rachel, he made it clear that it wasn’t for good. Rachel told Arch Bug that at the end of the season. She is fully expecting Young Ian to return, and not just for Rollo. It’s clear that the two have chemistry, and Young Ian is likely to return for Rachel as well as Rollo and himself.

And yes, we can get the story from An Echo in the Bone, but we don’t need it at this point. The story in America has not come to an end.

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