Outlander Season 7 spoilers: Who is Rachel Hunter in Outlander?

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Izzy Meikle-Small will play Rachel Hunter in Outlander Season 7. Who is the character in the books, and why is she so important?

Outlander has found its Hunters. Izzy Meikle-Small will play Rachel, while Joey Phillips is taking on the role of her brother Denzell Hunter. The two come up in An Echo in the Bone, and we’re looking at the book storyline to see what we can expect for the characters in the seventh season.

Rachel is the first one we’ll look at. She eventually has a connection to Young Ian, and we’re excited to see how all that plays out on the screen. After all, Ian is now in a place where he can accept Rachel into his life.

Who is Rachel Hunter in Outlander Season 7

Rachel is a Quaker along with her brother. However, her brother is in the Continental Army, working as an Army surgeon. This is how the two characters come into the story as Denzell helps William Ransom. It’s after this that Rachel meets the Frasers.

Rachel and Denny were originally raised by the local Religious Society of Friends due to their parents dying when they were both young. Rachel’s mom died in childbirth. It’s after Denny chooses to fight on the side of the Americans and Rachel supports him that the two are dismissed by their meeting. Rachel follows her brother after that.

Ian Murray comes to Rachel and Denny with William Ransom, looking for a surgeon to help. This leads to William, Rachel, and Denzell finding a bond together and the two Hunters follow William north. It’s after William parts ways from them that Rachel comes across Claire and Jamie.

Eventually, she crosses paths with Ian again. The two fall in love and decide they want to be together. By the end of Written in My Own Heart’s Blood, Rachel has given birth to Ian’s son. It takes a while for this to happen. In fact, there’s a point where Rachel agrees to care for Rollo while Ian is away.

While the two follow different religions (Ian makes it clear that he can’t convert to being a Quaker for her because it isn’t in his nature), they manage to make things work. I’m excited to see their bond form and grow throughout Outlander Season 7.

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What are you excited to see in Rachel’s storyline in Outlander Season 7? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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