Ranking Outlander Season 7A from worst to best as it drops on Netflix Canada

Outlander Season 7A arrives on Netflix Canada on May 18. Here's our ranking of the eight episodes of the season so far from worst to best.
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Our writer Aysha has already shared her ranking of Outlander Season 7 so far. The great thing about this series is that we all have different opinions. There are different plots that draw us in and others that simply don’t. As Outlander Season 7A drops on Netflix Canada later this month, I thought it time to rank the season myself.

I love the battle plots. That’s what I’m there for when it comes to period dramas, especially when they’re set in the run up of big moments in history like the Revolutionary War. I am not one of those who came into this storyline for Claire and Jamie—sorry, romance and love stories were never my thing. I really did come for the history.

So, I do prefer episodes where there is a lot of action. I also like episodes that focus on other characters to allow them to breathe and grow, and this season brought a lot for Young Ian and William as well as allowing us time to get to know the Hunters.

So, here’s my ranking of Outlander Season 7A from worst to best. What I will say is that there were no “terrible” episodes. This is just a case of episodes I preferred over others.

Season 7, Episode 4, “A Most Uncomfortable Woman”

This part of the story saw Claire, Jamie, and Young Ian head off on a journey back to Scotland. That actually happened at the end of the previous episode, but this one pulled us into that. I felt this was the slowest episode of the whole season, putting a lot of focus on everything that stopped Claire and Jamie in their journey to Scotland.

Jamie ends up forced into the Revolutionary War, while Young Ian makes it clear that he wants to fight. I loved having Young Ian and William meet, but I feel like there were some elements of past season storylines that were forgotten or considered done “off screen.” Young Ian wasn’t at the Ridge when William went there as a young boy.

I did love Tom Christie showing back up. As a book reader, that scene captured everything from my read of the story. Plus, it gave us the closure for a few story threads that we needed.