9 Outlander villains who definitely deserve harsher consequences

Some Outlander villains got off relatively easily for everything they did in to our favorite characters. Here are 9 who definitely deserved harsher consequences.

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Richard Brown

We met the Browns in Outlander Season 5. It was clear from the start that Richard Brown was likely to end up being a villain. Lionel did first, but Richard became a threat after Lionel’s death.

This led to Richard bringing his men to Fraser’s Ridge to have Claire arrested for murder. Richard didn’t want her to get a trial. It was going to be his word and his decision. He would play judge, jury, and execution if he had his say.

In the end, Jamie got revenge. He killed Richard, although it was off-screen and we’re led to believe that’s what Jamie did. It would have been so much better to see Richard die so we know he’s gone for good.

Governor Tryon

One thing Outlander does is stick to some sort of reality. Governor Tryon was a real governor in North Carolina before the Revolutionary War. Jamie and Claire coming across him makes sense. The downside of him being a villain and a real person is that the books and the show are limited to what happens to these characters.

Governor Tryon didn’t die during the Battle of Alamance, so it wasn’t like the show could add it in. Instead, we got to see Tryon move onto great things in his life.

Considering he was a villain in the story, it wasn’t fun watching him just walk away. It seems like poor decisions lead to good things. It would have been nice to see Jamie get some sort of revenge considering Murtagh’s death was arguably due to Tryon’s orders.